Investment banking graduate schemes

Investment banking graduate schemes

Investment banking graduate schemes can provide a back office route to careers in finance.

Back office roles within investment banking graduate schemes can be a stepping stone to gaining the experience and knowledge you need to move into a graduate investment or other similar banking role.

Back office positions are based around the operations side of what happens in a bank. People who work in these areas are generally responsible for transfers, quality control, and the technology division of financial services institutions.

Back office roles on investment banking graduate schemes

Here is an overview of some of these roles.

Inter-dealer Broking – is a people business which includes establishing venues where both clients can buy and sell their bonds, equities etc. Clients and customers will use their inter-dealer brokers to locate the best deals, they can also be used as an anonymous trader so the price isn’t affected by identity.

  • Quality Assurance

    department is responsible for ensuring both a bank’s start up and future projects are running smoothly. This role will be essential as it maintains the cost effectiveness of new products to such services as IT. Quality assurance supports the core banking solutions within the company, ensuring their growing potential is met. Investment banking graduate schemes will allow you to develop a thorough understanding of what procedures are already in place while eventually being responsible for your own projects.

  • Tax Compliance

    are responsible for ensuring both individuals and businesses pay the correct amount of tax. This is determined by calculating the credits and deductions a taxpayer has claimed. If there is a deficit, a tax compliance officer will chase and collect the money owed.

  • Insolvency

    an insolvency associate will advise and represent creditors in purchasing assets out of bankruptcy, planning corporate financing transaction as well as negotiating payment structures.

  • Advertising and Marketing Departments

    are responsible for representing the banking company’s profile through the wider media. Investment banking graduate schemes will take their candidates through an extensive training programme ensuring the business is appropriately represented.

  • Human Resources

    will be in charge of providing support and guidance internally and for customers. You will be responsible for advice on policies, processes, enquiries as well as resolving and troubleshooting problems.

  • Compliance

    the compliance department will serve as a control function for the company to make sure it is correctly represented. Compliance will work with external regulators such as the FSA (Financial Services Authority) to ensure process comply with standards. Compliance will need to be aware of any areas of corruption and bribery, reporting any issue immediately where necessary.

  • Desk Assistant

    a desk assistant will be prepared to take on administrative roles, organising calendars and maintaining an number of support tasks which can include learning IT programmes and systems. With progress and customer experience an investment banking graduate scheme role can advance to a sales/trading position, which will involve more direct customer communication.

Investment banking graduate schemes will provide a thorough learning process for graduates to hone their skills and gain the vital experience they need to progress internally.

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