Information on Investment Banking Graduate Schemes

Information on Investment Banking Graduate Schemes

Graduate Coach looks at front office jobs within investment banking graduate schemes

In order to begin a career in investment banking, you will first need to have a firm idea of exactly what sector you would like to go into. Roles within investment banking graduate schemes will generally fit into the following office system: Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office.

These are basically systems that describe proximity to the work that takes place in investment banking, with front office describing decision making and execution, and back office providing support.

Front office investment banking jobs

Front office have developed several investment banking graduate schemes designed to help their entry level applicants progress through their chosen department.

Front Office comprises of the two main areas of Investment Banking and Markets (sales, trading, research and structuring). Specific front office roles include:

Private Equity

Duties include personal assistant support to individuals, managing of the diary and travel arrangements, organising roadshows, events, database and powerpoint presentations.

FX Sales and FX Trading

Developing and promoting new business, researching potential clients, handling consultation calls, currency audits and preparing sales presentations.

Asset Management

Is the practice of investing clients money in beneficial ways. Individuals, governments and companies may be investors.

Private Wealth Management

Includes wealth management with professional advice and services. Assets can include pensions, inheritance, family trust as well as tax advice, financial planning and investment management.

Management Consulting

Handling important projects, testing, business process design and research into necessary requirements.


The legal department offers support through structuring, negotiating and executing financing transactions for clients as well as drafting merger and acquisition activity documents.

Equities Research/ Fixed Income Research

Performing in-depth equity analyst and research, creating financial models and presentations.

Equity Capital Markets/ Debt Capital Markets

Support bankers with information such product information, market research and data reports.

Equities Sales

Encompasses the buying and selling of equity-based material. Dealing directly with clients and offering advice and support on buying and selling.

Equities Trading

Involves selling on the side of your financial institution, ensuring the client’s needs are met.

What investment banking graduate schemes do

Investment banking graduate schemes are designed to give you a thorough background into the investment banking industry. A relevant degree within finance related studies will demonstrate your interest and dedication, however it is also important to gain work experience from as early as possible. This kind of background allows for different insights into the financial services industry and will also reveal your determination to progress.

Investment banking graduate schemes are a fantastic starting point and will provide a great introduction into how you can develop your career as well as having some hands on experience. Research into your company’s background will also make you stand out from the crowd and give you the chance to build your internal contact network.

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