Guide to Graduate Banking Jobs

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Advice on some of the leading banks offering the latest graduate banking jobs.

The banking and financial services industry is a very exciting place to work, with substantial salaries and the opportunity to work within a global organisation. With banking roles separated into front office, middle office and back office positions, graduate banking jobs are a great opportunity to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the banking world. Listed below are some of the leading banks and what they offer they new entry level applicants in terms of careers.

Graduate banking jobs at Barclays

Barclays offer an innovative Future Leaders programme whereby applicants can fall into the following positions: retail and business banking leadership; human resources; marketing and products; marketing analytics; risk; technology; product and process development; and finance.

Barclays also offer a social media forum where interested future applicants can review past candidates’ experiences, ask questions and generally get a great understanding of what the role will entail.

Graduate banking jobs at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley offer graduate positions for those interested in both analyst and associate roles. Spanning across summer internships as well as part-time, compulsory internships, industrial placements, off-cycle, spring and year-round opportunities, Morgan Stanley can offer the perfect placement for you for a graduate career in finance. Each Morgan Stanley placement on their internships schemes will give different levels of industry background, dependent on the length and timings.

Graduate banking jobs at Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse offer three major encompassing training programmes to teach aspiring graduates to become industry leaders: analyst, associate and quantitative.

  • Aspiring analysts need a bachelor/master’s degree or equivalent. You will receive a thorough background in regards to presentation techniques, understanding business subjects as well as developing your interpersonal skills with an international network of clients and colleagues.
  • Associate applicants will require an MBA or equivalent from a top business school as well as relevant work experience. In return, Credit Suisse will provide close training with their senior managers as well as practical learning that will allow candidates to advance on their development programme.
  • Quantitative programme applicants will need to be studying for a Ph. D, or a double masters in a finance related degree (e.g. mathematics, physics, economics, quantitative finance).

Aiming to attract talented graduates, Credit Suisse also offer a number of internship programmes which allow for valuable insights into the company, including participation in their social and philanthropic events. They also have a Next Generation Network that is designed to help junior staff enhance their careers and find the right graduate banking jobs.

Graduate banking jobs at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank puts their graduates right into the heart of the action by offering courses in trading, technology, investment banking, human resources and risk management.

From day sessions to intense training programmes, Deutsche Bank ensure their entry level candidates are given all the tools necessary to succeed in the financial services world. Graduate banking jobs are extremely valuable and Deutsche Bank will reward their new graduates by giving them the opportunity to progress within the company.

Graduate banking jobs at HSBC

HSBC offer their entry level candidates the chance to expand upon their potential, offering positions across commercial and corporate management; European management; executive management; operational leadership; and retail banking and wealth management.

HSBC pride themselves on providing their graduates with early responsibility, outstanding rewards and excellent opportunities to progress.

Graduate banking jobs are one of the best ways to enter into the competitive world of finance, offering a chance to make your mark in the banking world.

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