Worried About Getting A Job After Graduation? Read this

Nov 10, 2019

Are you feeling worried about getting a job after graduation? If you are, you’re not alone. In this post, we will outline the main reasons why students and graduates worry about getting a graduate job and share tips on what to do to beat your employability anxiety. 

Why students and graduates feel worried about getting a job after graduation 

Here are the main reasons why you might be feeling worried about getting a graduate job:

Not knowing what career path to pursue 

Recent graduates struggle to find a job after university because they don’t know what career path is right for them. This uncertainty makes many students and graduates worry about their future and career prospects. 

Until now, your education has provided a level of structure. Lessons have been planned out and you’ve had a timetable to follow. However, once you graduate, the numerous different routes you can take may make you feel overwhelmed. 

Some graduates panic after graduation and apply for as many jobs as they can without thinking about what path is right for them.

Without having adequate careers advice or graduate career coaching, navigating your job search can be very difficult. Some graduates even experience depression after university or report feeling lost.

Concerned about the application process 

Applying for jobs can be a lengthy process. Most graduate job applications require candidates to fill out an online application, complete online tests, conduct video interviews and attend an assessment centre.  

You may be feeling particularly apprehensive about one or more stages of the graduate job process. The good news is that with practice and the right help, you can drastically improve the quality of your applications and subsequently your chances of landing a job. 

During the application process, you will need to know how to write a graduate CVand cover letter and how to nail your interviews

Lack of work experience 

If you feel as though you do not have enough relevant work experience you may worry about your chances of getting a graduate job. 

Having some work experience under your belt really helps you to demonstrate your skills and competencies to potential employers. 

We have put together a blog post sharing advice on how to get a graduate job with no experience because many candidates are left wondering how they will be able to get experience without having any experience. 

Some graduates assume that their part-time job isn’t relevant. However, this is far from the truth as graduate recruiters will be interested in the transferable skills you have gained such as the ability to balance your studies with work. 

The idea of having a full-time job for the first time and adapting to a change in lifestyle makes some people feel a bit worried. The Graduate Book by Chris Davies, the founder of Graduate Coach outlines everything you need to know to do really well at work. 

Fear of getting rejections

Nobody likes getting rejected. However, receiving rejections is a good way to gain feedback and gain a better understanding of your strengths and the areas you can improve. 

The job market for graduates is highly competitive. Some graduates apply for several jobs before landing a job. 

Accepting that you may face rejections whilst job hunting and understanding the positives you can derive from getting a rejection can help you to worry less. 

Many graduates feel panicky about the idea of not being able to get a job straight away after university. Some graduates don’t find a graduate job after one year, some may take longer. 

However, everyone’s journey is different and it is important that you do not get into the habit of comparing yourself to your peers. 

What to do if you are worried about getting a job after graduation 

Taking action is one of the best ways to beat worry when it comes to getting a graduate job. There are many things you can do to improve your employability and alleviate anxiety. 

If you are still at university, don’t wait until you have graduated to start thinking about your career. If you have already finished your studies, check out our post on what to do after graduation.

Work out your career typology 

Before you set out on your quest to find work, first work out what your career typology is. 

All graduate jobs can be divided into three typologies:

  • Specialists
  • Knowledge architects
  • Communicators 

Understanding which of the three career typologies align with you the most will help you to navigate your graduate job search. 

Think about your employability skills 

Despite what you have studied at university, you will have gained and developed a wide range of employability skills. 

There are six key skills that all graduate employers will look for in candidates. 

These six skills include: 

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving 
  • Organising and planning 
  • Professionalism
  • Using your initiative 

Spend some time thinking about how you have acquired and developed these skills. 

Being able to demonstrate these key employability skills throughout the application process is really important. 

Boost your CV with work experience

If you are worried about getting a job after graduation, be sure to get as much work experience as you can. 

Work experience is going to significantly boost your CV and give you examples to talk about during your job interviews. 

There are many ways that you can get work experience:

I hope you have found this post useful! The best way to alleviate your worries about getting a job after graduation is to take action. 

Sometimes worry and uncertainty can lead to procrastination. However, if you take a strategic approach to your graduate job search and get the right guidance, you’ll find the process of finding a job smoother.

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