The Top Industries Hiring in 2021

Sep 23, 2021

From healthcare to digital marketing, industries around the world have been heavily affected by COVID-19 and other impactful events. However, despite this, job analysts are seeing growth for particular fields within the UK, making them the best industries hiring in 2021.

An employment boom is set to start due to COVID-19 restrictions easing, ideal for newly-graduated students to furloughed employees. We have created a list of the top industries hiring in 2021 to highlight opportunities for upcoming graduates.

Why are these considered the top industries hiring in 2021?

A study by the University of Leuven predicted many job losses following a soft or hard Brexit, and findings from Purple CV outlined that 50% of business leaders in a survey stated they will not consider employing someone from the EU due to immigration law changes.

However, the decreasing restrictions as a result of consistent vaccine programmes around the UK, have staggered coronavirus cases, which is a promising outcome for many. Chris Gray, director of ManpowerGroup UK, has stated that “the employment outlook has seen the sharpest quarter-on-quarter increase since 2002”, which is a positive outline for many job seekers in 2021.

We have outlined the top industries hiring in 2021 below.

Health Care and Supporting Staff

Healthcare offers a variety of roles that allow you to make a difference in people’s lives. The healthcare sector has played a vital part in the pandemic, due to the resilience of the staff and the hard work they provide, to help those in need, regarding COVID and other types of sickness.

Why is this industry hiring in 2021?

Both due to the coronavirus and the high demand for healthcare and support services around the UK, the healthcare sector has risen in opportunities. According to Hub Publishing, healthcare and support saw a 6% demand increase in 2020 and has been increasing ever since. 

In addition to other statistical factors, (such as 37% of Britons claiming they never exercise), certain services such as healthcare advice are often needed in the UK.

Top tip for your interview

Acquiring an interview can be difficult in the healthcare and support industry, simply due to the many regulations and requirements hospitals and nursing homes use to hire more staff. 

This is understandable, as these two industries need staff that are ethical when it comes to patients. So you must ensure that you will be able to work with patients responsibly. 

Once you understand the requirements in healthcare and support, follow these tips to get an interview and ace it too:

  • Research the company and interviewer.
  • Optimise your CV, concerning their job description and principles.
  • Think of ways to stand out.


The financial services industry encompasses a variety of services within the finance industry, from insurance to money management. According to Business Insider, there are three main categories in financial services, which are personal, consumer, and corporate.

Why Is finance, a top industry hiring this year?

When the pandemic struck, financial institutions across the globe monitored the effects of the virus as a variety of businesses were hit detrimentally, making profits and business decline, or worse, close down. 

With this highlight, PWC outlined the growth of the financial sector, implementing many technological advances to help innovate the field into a more convenient, consumer-friendly industry. Digital becoming mainstream is one of the more common trends in financial services, with the internet development and large technology investments driving unprecedented advances with efficiency. 

So what does this mean? Increasing opportunities for diverse roles within the financial services sector will become more prominent. More roles opening means more staff needed for financial companies.

Top tip for your interview

Getting an interview in this industry means becoming aware of the following: 

  • The current trends in the financial services industry.
  • Your goal in the industry.
  • What makes you different from the rest.

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd when it comes to this field of work, but the more you can, the better your chances will be of getting noticed and getting an interview.


As with many entries on this list, the construction sector was severely affected during the first COVID lockdown. Despite the recent lockdown, the construction industry was given the green light to proceed with its work. 

In the past months, construction companies have been hiring consistently, bumping up the number of job posts on LinkedIn by 120% in the past year. 

Why is Construction on the rise?

The construction industry represents the foundation of a community, a statement highlighted by a variety of sites. 

Not only this, but the construction industry creates jobs and boosts tourism, which is another factor that is set to boom in the following years (due to the impact of COVID-19). 

Top tip for your interview

Understanding the construction industry is arguably the most important factor when it comes to interviewing within the industry itself. 

This is because you will be working on the foundation of a building or property, which means that knowing the basics through to the advanced features of the construction industry is a must. Employers will be less likely to hire anyone who does not know the repercussions of faulty work.

Digital Marketing

Nearly everything is becoming digital nowadays. From transactions to shopping, the digital world is ever-expanding. 

This includes digital marketing, which by definition is the promotion of brands using online or digital tactics. You’ve likely come across some form of digital marketing when browsing the internet, in the form of PPC ads or even site content that aims to persuade you that their products are the ones you need. 

Nevertheless, digital marketing is a continuously evolving industry, and now is the time to get some experience within the field. 

Will digital marketing be an ideal industry hiring in 2021?

As mentioned above, digital marketing is expanding rapidly. The effectiveness of digital marketing is also a highlighted benefit in the field, due to the cost-effectiveness of the method, as well as measurable data that can be gathered from various sources. 

But what does this all mean for you? There are a lot of paths you can take within digital marketing, opening plenty of opportunities to expand your experience. From SEO specialists to social media marketing, there is a lot to get your teeth sunk into.

Digital marketing is also becoming increasingly popular, meaning that companies and agencies are always hiring, which affords more opportunities for you to apply for in the field! 

Graduate Coach has a dedicated digital marketing internship to help you prepare for your next role in digital marketing. Through one-to-one coaching delivery (in our office or online), you can learn all the essential knowledge and skills to become an effective digital marketer.

Top tips for interviews

For an ever-growing industry like digital marketing, knowledge about trends in the field (as well as the world overall) is crucial to acing your interview. 

Luckily there are different sites and blogs you can browse so as to get yourself up to speed. Sites such as Brightlocal offer insights on Google’s search algorithms, for example, or even Hubspot, which highlights all things digital marketers may need.

The point is, it’s best to get yourself up to speed on the occurring trends in digital marketing, so you can acquire an interview and get the job.


The industries highlighted in this entry are the most important industries to look at if you’re looking to get work in the future. Due to the vast changes that COVID-19 put down, the industries outlined have received many opportunities to expand the type of work they do. Is there another industry that you think might be delivering better opportunities in 2021?

Interested in being in the know? Take a look at Graduate Coach’s Blog for a selection of different articles concerning university life and careers advice and more. 

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