Get that Graduate Job! – 10th August 2014 

Finding a job and establishing yourself in a good career after gaining a degree is no walk in the park. There is a myth which surrounds going to university and gaining a degree and that is that doing a degree guarantees you a job. Doing a degree never has and never will guarantee you a job. It stands to reason that if you gain a degree in medicine then you will, almost certainly, end up working in medicine, but nothing is guaranteed.

True, there are more people now with university degrees than ever before but it was never the case that graduates all got jobs. You will need to work hard, prepare to adapt, prepare to be persistent and apply yourself in order to get a job. This may be beginning to sound like a huge uphill struggle, but if you’re passionate, driven and prepared to make the effort, then the world’s your oyster. If at all possible, it pays to find professionals who can help you on your quest to get that graduate job.

Graduate Coach helps every graduate learn how to navigate the graduate job market, helping them to realise and hone their skills and, ultimately, prepare them for finding a position which suits their interests.

The fight for talent is back on, and major recruiters and fast-growing start-ups are recruiting graduates in droves. To get that graduate job, look to Graduate Coach.

Interview Training For Graduates – 28th July 2014

Interview training can make the difference between landing the job and not landing the job. Of course, you need to let your natural personality shine through, but having some basic techniques to fall back on will provide you with the skills to pass comfortably through the interview stage and bag the job at the other end of it.

Interview training for graduates can involve learning how to ask and answer questions more effectively, learning how and what to prepare for your interview, and knowing how to handle different interviewing styles. In a way, your interview is a performance, and as with any performance, practice makes for perfection.

With the aid of both interview training and thorough research ahead of your interview you’ll be giving yourself the best possible chance of making a positive lasting impression. The main goal is to demonstrate, as simply and straightforwardly as possible, why you are capable of doing the job. You can take comfort in knowing that regardless of the industry you are trying to get into, many job interviews will contain a lot of the same standard questions.

Always remember that your potential employer is looking for someone to invest in. Graduate Coach, through our comprehensive interview training for graduates, can help you deliver an interview to convince your interviewer that it’s you they should invest in.

Graduate Career Coaching – 30th June 2014

Learning how to get a job is like learning anything – it helps to have expert teaching and guidance. Universities teach you to a degree but a degree will not guarantee you a job.

With the ongoing high levels of competition in the market, a recent report from the Warwick Department of Labour Studies has demonstrated conclusively that 30% of university leavers never enter the graduate-level workforce. This, unfortunately, is a statistic that will stick unless candidates are submitting a strong CV and delivering a strong interview.  Your next questions might well be: but how do I build a strong CV, how do I deliver a strong interview, and how do I get the job I want with so much competition? A company such as Graduate Coach will teach you how to get that job.

Statistics don’t lie, and thus far Graduate Coach has a 100% success rate. CVs are only subjective to a certain extent as most of us will be able to identify a strong CV from a poor, badly-formatted CV with a hundred and one grammatical errors. If you struggle with putting together a graduate CV then you’re not alone. No one is supposed to be an expert at this age and it’s natural to require a little help. Those who succeed will be those who acknowledge the fact that they’d benefit from graduate career coaching. From university to job, Graduate Coach can coach you to success. To find out more visit Graduate Coach.

Nail That Interview – 9th June 2014

There’s certainly something wrong if, as is the case, 51% of graduates cannot find graduate level jobs. However, there are jobs available for graduates, you just need to know where to look, how to secure an interview, and how to nail that interview.

At Graduate Coach we formerly and unanimously agree that university leavers leave university without much idea of how to get a job. University gets you a degree, but let’s face it, it doesn’t get you a job. It’s often down to the advice and perseverance of recruitment agencies and family members to help in the honing of your CV and the editing of your job applications. And that’s to say nothing about what happens when you do get offered an interview. What then?

This is what Graduate Coach is for, to help you nail that interview and land that job. You’ve got through the hardest part; you’ve got your foot in the door. The date is set and the day is fast approaching and it’s time for you to plan and prepare as much as you can. That means doing your homework and researching the company, rehearsing your responses to likely questions, poring over the job description and person specification and more.

At Graduate Coach we prepare you for your interview. We improve your interview technique, offer tips and generally prepare you for any interview for any job in any industry sector. So what are you waiting for?


Grad Job Training – 2nd June 2014

According to the latest statistics from The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), 35% of university graduates never enter the graduate workforce. So how do you go about getting that first job? For many graduates today it’s the million dollar question. But despite what the newspapers might say, there are graduate jobs available. In order to get one of these jobs, however, you have to shine, you have to stand out from the crowd, you have to assume confidence, and you need a well-formatted CV and an attention-grabbing covering letter. It sounds hard, certainly, but there are people out there who can help you excel with your CV, excel in your interview, and land your first job.

A university degree gets you far, but it doesn’t automatically land you a job, and that’s where Graduate Coach can help. Graduate Coach trains you as a graduate to turn your educational qualifications into a job. If you, as a graduate, work with us and work hard, we can turn that degree into a job within the space of three months – our success rate for doing so is currently 100%.

For our work in graduate job training we help with career coaching and planning, internships and work experience, job interview advice, techniques and presentation, covering letters and CVs. Our initial consultations are free of charge and we stand by our success rate. We work to get you ready for the world of employment and into the world of employment.


Graduate Coach – 26th May 2014

Are you one of the 51% of graduates unable to find a job? Perhaps you’re the worried parent of a frustrated graduate who cannot get a job? But vacancies are there for university leavers, and when job interviews do come along it’s often the interview part that lets a graduate down. The point being, university gets you a degree and advances your education but it doesn’t teach you how to do well in an interview and how to land that long-awaited job.

Enter Graduate Coach. Graduate Coach turns a university degree into a job. We aim to turn that degree into a graduate job in the space of three months, but it requires hard work on the part of the graduate in question. We currently hold a success rate of 100% in getting graduates into graduate-level jobs. Why go elsewhere?

At Graduate Coach our coaching is structured in 4 stages: self-learning, writing a strong CV, interview preparation, job coaching and mentoring. We also offer a variety of resources to improve your employment prospects, which include career planning, interview tips and techniques, cover letters, CVs and interview presentation.

We work to get you ready for the world of work, and the first step into getting a job through Graduate Coach won’t even cost you a penny. For a free initial consultation contact us here.